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Health Screening

We organise health screenings for the villagers over three days during our visits. Screening modalities include BMI, visual acuity, blood pressure and capillary blood glucose measurements. Villagers are offered consultations with Singapore and Burmese doctors, who kindly volunteer their time with us, and are prescribed medications for their health conditions. Our partner, The Golden Lotus Healthcare Training Academy, provides invaluable help in translation and medical knowledge. 

We are currently developing a sustainable referral system for the village. This includes a plan to partner with nearby clinics in providing certain subsidies for the less financially stable. We are also getting in touch with Yangon Medical Universities to support this referral system through checking in on the villagers.


Ultimately, we aim to create a sustainable, long-term system where villagers are able to take ownership of their health and tap on local resources for healthcare treatment. 




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